Electricity Map Pro offering

Global coverage

50+ countries

Standardized across regions

Granular database

Up to minute granularity

API for live updates

Exploration tools

Curated charting tools

Professional version of the Electricity Map

Explore using curated charting tools

Carbon Intensity Box Plot - European states, summer 2017
Statistical analysis with hourly granularity, ranked by median values

Explore all our graphs and datasets

Connect to our live API


One single API for all countries covered.

Up to 72 hour forecast

Your device can plan ahead and make the best choices.

Powerful indicators

Average carbon intensity
Marginal carbon intensity
Origin of power per type of fuel
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Use the professional Electricity Map interface

Promap france granularity
  • Professional version of the Electricity Map
  • Increased granularity, including regions and bidding zones
  • Time machine: see the map at a point in the past
  • Explorer: to find interesting events, such as extreme wind, solar or carbon intensity
  • Visualize marginal and forecasted carbon intensities
  • Customised development: we add features depending on your needs
  • Premium support: we guarantee exceptional uptime
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Flexible pricing



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Historical data Starts at 0.03€ per datapoint
(hours to minutes granularity)
Live data update and up to 72h forecast (API) Starts at 100€ per month per country
(contact us for detailed pricing)
Professional Electricity Map interface - Included
Monthly Insight Reports for the regions of your choice - Included
(see example for EU summer 2017)