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Understand and optimize the carbon footprint of electricity

electricityMap API is the world's most comprehensive platform measuring the carbon footprint of your electricity consumption.


Climate think tank Ember uses the electricityMap API to illustrate trends in the global electricity system.


Danish electricity retailer Barry is using the electricityMap API to show customers the carbon footprint of their electricity.


Electric radiator startup Lancy Energy Storage uses the electricityMap API to optimize and reduce the carbon footprint of their product.

The leading platform for understanding the climate impact of electricity

Access hourly live, historical, and forecasted data from 228 areas around the world.

Comprehensive data

  • Historical, live, and forecast data
  • Carbon intensity and power breakdown
  • Exclusive marginal data
  • Global Coverage

    • Worldwide coverage
    • Standardized across regions
    • Imports & exports across regions
    • High Frequency

      • Hourly granularity
      • 24h ahead forecasts
      • Updated in real-time
      • Read more about our methodology, or take a look at our blog.

        See the grid's past, present, and future

        Live carbon intensityGET /carbon-intensity/latest
        Live power breakdownGET /power-breakdown/latest
        Marginal carbon intensityGET /marginal-carbon-intensity/latest
        Marginal power breakdownGET /marginal-power-consumption-breakdown/latest

        carbonIntensity: 302,
        datetime: 2019-04-25T18:07:00.350Z

        Real-time carbon intensity (in gCO2eq/kWh) of electricity consumed in the area.

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